Flashback to India – 1988

When I recollect my travels in the last 30 years I don’t often mention India. It is a place I have been but, since I don’t have any actual vivid memories of it, I don’t know if it really counts. I don’t think I remember because I was about 18 months old; a little brown-eyed, blonde girl with chubby cheeks. I recently found photos of the trip; funny because I leave later today for India again. My mother and I[Read more]

My First Passport

Here is my first passport ever: Your first thought: Look at little Tori! How cute! Those chubby cheeks! Your second thought: Your name is CHANDRA?! Your possible third thought: Is that a bowl haircut? (Hahaha.) Yep. That’s me. Chandra Victoria Collins to be exact, but I have been “Tori” from day one. My parents met a yoga studio in Philadelphia, before yoga was a fancy type of workout where people wore tight patterned leggings and used foam yoga mats. It[Read more]