My First Passport

Here is my first passport ever:

Your first thought: Look at little Tori! How cute! Those chubby cheeks!

Your second thought: Your name is CHANDRA?!

Your possible third thought: Is that a bowl haircut? (Hahaha.)

Yep. That’s me. Chandra Victoria Collins to be exact, but I have been “Tori” from day one. My parents met a yoga studio in Philadelphia, before yoga was a fancy type of workout where people wore tight patterned leggings and used foam yoga mats. It was a way of life about cleansing the body and mind, which is also when my parents gave up eating meat, and decided to name their daughter after their yoga teacher’s mother. Chandra means “like the moon” in Hindu. It’s pronounced with a slightly rolled R at the end when said “correctly” – more like “Chun-dRa”. I think it’s unique and pretty but it’s just not the name my family and friends call me but I’ve never had the urge to change it.

My parents took me on my first BIG trip when I was 18 months old – hence this passport – to India. When I was a baby we went to Mexico (AND….?)

India was that trip that my parents were always telling me about as I grew up. Like the guy with the chipmunks at the Taj Mahal and how everybody loved my blonde hair.

So, obviously, I was introduced to travel very young. My parents traveled a lot before I was even a twinkle in their eye. I feel need to travel. Wanderlust definitely flows through my veins – which is why I say I was born to travel.

Did you know that there is a bit of science flying around that there is actually a “wanderlust gene”?! Maybe that explains why I feel like I would be happy to go anywhere at anytime.

“In 2016, a number of articles touting a “wanderlust gene”—DRD4-7R, to be precise—made the rounds. Several traced their source back to a psychology blog that suggested that 7R, a variation of the gene DRD4—which acts on dopamine levels in the brain, and so motivation and behavior as a result—existed in 20 percent of the human population.”

Read more about The Science of Wanderlust with Conde Naste Traveler.


Do you feel like YOU were born to travel?

When did you get your first passport?


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