Reed Flute Cave

The Reed Flute Cave in Giulin, China is one of my favorite underground experiences. After an amazing cruise down the Li River, we arrived at the cave. The Reed Flute cave got its name from the rich growth of reeds outside which the local people use to make flutes to sell. Over 50 million tourists have visited this location since 1962 when the Reed Flute Cave officially opened. It’s a different place than any other underground cave I’ve ever seen. I’m no underground cave pro but it was a “must see” location on my “What to see in China” list. I knew from my research that the cave is lit with multicolored lights, which some people might find a tad cheesy, but I found quite magical. Be prepared for a few stairs up and down throughout the walk. The pathway is lit dimly so walk slow.

The pathway zig-zags through the cave offering amazing stalactites, stone pillars and rock formations as you go, lit by every color of the rainbow. Note that it is very difficult to photograph as you are not supposed to take flash photography – flash would blow out the colors anyway. I hope you have a steady hand and a camera that has a high ISO. After a few minutes of walking up and down and left and right, you enter into a large cave. It has the biggest walkable interior space that I’ve ever seen underground.

On top of the sheer natural beautiful of the cave there is also a a projector light show that plays throughout the day at specifically scheduled times. The show is about 10 minutes long and tells the story of how the natural cave came to be, with fantastical visuals and sounds that echo throughout the hollowed interior. The lights are turned off to really make the visuals pop. It’s difficult to get a “front row seat” to the small body of water where the show is projected but it can be seen from many locations fairly well.

Definitely put this one on your list!!!

‘East or west, Guilin landscape is best!’

Read more abou Giulin here.



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